Technique (T1 – T3)

Our Technique program has 3 levels and further develops our swimmer’s freestyle and backstroke technique as well as introducing breaststroke and butterfly. By the end of this program, swimmers will be competent in all four competitive strokes!

Technique 1 (T1); Breaststroke,

In T1, Breaststroke, swimmers focus on learning the whole stroke of breaststroke with correct timing.

In T1, we focus on;

  1. Safe entry and exit to the pool,
  2. Introduction of breaststroke kick, with timing,
  3. Introduction of survival backstroke,
  4. Introduction to breaststroke with correct breathing and timing,
  5. Revision and refinement of freestyle,
  6. Revision and refinement o backstroke.

Class size: 5 swimmers | Class duration: 30 minutes

Technique 2 (T2); Distance

T2, Distance sees swimmers continue to refine and develop freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke whilst maintaining technique over longer distances.

In T2, we focus on;

  1. Freestyle stroke efficiency and proficiency,
  2. Backstroke stroke efficiency and proficiency,
  3. Breaststroke stroke efficiency and proficiency,
  4. Introduction to tumble turns,
  5. Standing dives.

Class size: 5 swimmers | Class duration: 30 minutes

Technique 3 (T3); Butterfly

T3, Butterfly, is the final level of our learn to swim program. This level focuses on the introduction and proficiency of butterfly. Swimmers will continue to refine and develop their speed in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke as well as learning various race skills such as starts, tumble turns and finishes.

In T3, we focus on the following skills;

  1. Introduction to butterfly, with correct stroke timing,
  2. Refinement and advancement of freestyle,
  3. Refinement and advancement of breaststroke,
  4. Refinement and advancement of backstroke,
  5. Race preparation.

Class size: 7 swimmers | Class duration: 45 minutes